Saturday, February 28, 2009

christian loves pancakes and whip cream here is one of them after he as eatin most of the whip cream
yummy yummy whip cream

look at my hands mom... i am a mess

eating away

this is the shirt luke and ally got him for his birtday as you can see he looks so cute in it... he wouldnt sit and smile for me though... thank you the luke colton family we love it... and we cant wait to see you in june love you guys

Monday, February 23, 2009

Christians 2nd birthday party... were just a month late but we got there

ok so i tottaly slacked this year... i didnt do christians birthday party until a month after his birthday. and that is because i lost my job cuz buffalos closed down then i was going to move to idaho so when i decided not to go i threw his party.. we had alot of fun he played with cousins and friends and had a pinata and had cake.... his new favorite thing is diego we have to watch it all the time... so that was the party we had
here he is eating iceing off of his diego toy on the cake

here we are singing happy birthday

opening presents... he loves this barn... thanks aunt tricia

hailey with all of her candy from the pinata

all of the kids gettin there candy... klellin knocked the head off of the diego pinata....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Christians day with daddy

playing with his daddy... look at that smile! :)
he loves his blankets he seems to never be without one...

walkin on daddys back... and lovin it

my boys.... arent they cute :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


sleepy sleepy
he hates being straped in his chair

"what you lookin at... i know im cute"

he doesnt look like a baby here anymore

sweet big eyes

ok ok so i know im so bad at keeping up here... but now that i am staying at my parents while they are on there mission i can do better...

now for some good news... carlos and i are back together and trying hard to make it work. and also my parent now know where they are going and it is way close everybody ready for this... pocitello (i dont know how to spell it) idaho...