Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sword fighting...

so today kam came over to play... christian loves when this happens.. it was the first time however that they both wanted to play swords... and they even got though it without killing eachother...

both in there green so no one could pinch them they jabbed and swang and had alot of fun

some one needs to teach christian how to keep both feet on the ground.... as you can tell they had alot of fun... they seem to finally be getting to the point were they play well together...

Friday, March 13, 2009

my christian

so these pictures are backwards but yesterday i hear christian yelling my name so i walked over to see what was up as i got to him he told my "im skuck (stuck) mommy im skuck" of course i think this is so funny cuz he had climmed in the chair as you can see apove
i got him to calm down long enough for him to say cheese... and i got this lovely picture

we baked cookies the other day in the apron that his grandma cokie made him... and its no fun to bake cookies if you cant eat the batter

big smile

he always ask me "mommy i stir" when ever we cook or bake anything... hes my little helper