Sunday, November 9, 2008


oh halloween was so fun. my baby was so cute as a little vanpire
here is kamydn as a mouse

the cute little ones together

out "happy" family

christian with uncle troy

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


(Kraig lisas husband and Carlos at the show)
carlos and i went to on our first trip without christian. which was to vegas with Kraig and Lisa
(Lisa and i at the show)
i had alot of fun but i missed christian so much its weird not having him with me i wasn't sure what to do with myself

(Carlos and i at PF CHANGS)
we went and ate at PF CHANGS i had never eatin there before and it was really good
(Kraig and Lisa at PF CHANGS)
we also saw and show called the V show (ultimate varity show) it was really good. the host was so funny.
(Carlos and i walking though Ceasers palace)
we also walked the strip and watched the water show. it was fun.

Easter at the Stubb's

right after the easter egg hunt papa troy got out the ponys carlos cousin was down with his kids so there where quite a few to ride the poor pony
christian didnt like it much he wined i guess hes not big enough to enjoy it but he sure looked cute.
Easter at the stubbs this was fun it was reynas first year with christian or any grandkids for that matter.
she hid eggs all over the place her yard is big so all the kids got to get alot. christian daddy knew where all the good ones where
he had alot of fun he got pretty good as you can see

Easter at the colton's

so every year we have an easter egg hunt at my parents house for easter this year was the first year my child was old enough to enjoy the activitys which i think was more fun for me then when i was young.

we did red root eggs and had our picnic. here are some pictures to enjoy

we love you

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy late birthday christian

we got a package from luke ally maddie and isabell this week. they sent some stuff to christian for his birthday. he got a plate, bowl, cup, and some silverware. and he loved them his favorite thing was to put the spoon in the cup then the cup in the bowl and walk around. he thought he was so big. thank you luke ally maddie and isabell you made christians week. ok the pictures arent downloading so we will have to put them up later

Thursday, February 28, 2008

easter pictures

so i get free pictures at work so at halloween i got some in his monkey outfit, and i got some and christmas. and now its easter time and still had the christimas pictures up so i went in and got some new ones. i cant belive how much bigger he has gottin from last time i took pictures it want only a month ago but he looks so much diffrent. he is getting tall he can open the candy drawer at grandma cokies. and no worrys he knows right where it is and who to ask to get some. he is a funny little boy. and getting funnier every day.
carlos is wroking hard and still in school. it has been a busy week for him at work with the home show and stuff. i am working away and waiting for the summer to come so i can start school myself.

snow in hurricane?

well it snowed in hurricane a few weeks ago. and christian just so badly wanted to know what all the fus was about
so we took im outside and he was just so cute,
he was a little scared at first to touch it he wasnt sure if he would get in trouble or not, but when i showed him it was ok he dived right in
he picked it up and threw it around . but the time he was done he had gotted pretty wet. i had to take him in and change him into his pjs and he threw a fit about comming in he was having so much fun.
but i guess i wont have to deal with snow again for a few years. thats when southern utah will get snow again right

Sunday, February 17, 2008


hey i have some way cute pictures of christian but i keep forgeting to bring them to my moms so i can put them on my blog. so i will have to do that soon. all is going well here. christian is getting bigger everyday. he runs around and gets into everything nothing safe anymore. he has about leared to open the fridge so pretty soon i will have to put a safe thing on it so he does not pull our all our food. carlos is going to school and working still. i am going to start school at dixie this summer. and i cant wait. we love you all and congrats missy i am so happy for you we will keep you in our prayers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1 year pictures

hello everyone i got christians one year picures to day they are so cute
he is so easy to take pictures of he smiles so well and poses so great
the red and black outfit is a gift from grandma and he looks so great
i love this close up of him.... how can you not love a smile that adorable we love you guys

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


well i know i have not posted anything for a while and i have to cutest pictures of christian to post but i keep forgeting to bring them to my moms so that i can post them. all is well with us, christian's first birthday is right around the corner its hard to belive that he is one time has just flew by. i will have to post the pictures from his party and i will have more to say then this was just a hello

Friday, January 4, 2008

merry Christmas and a happy new year

well we had a very merry christmas. our first year with christian was great. we stayed the night at my moms and spent christmas morning with carter and ethan. i think christian had more fun watching them then being with his mom and dad. new years was fun. but on the second i got my surgery and all went well they found what they were looking for and removed it and now i am just healing up so all is well with us we love you all