Wednesday, April 2, 2008


(Kraig lisas husband and Carlos at the show)
carlos and i went to on our first trip without christian. which was to vegas with Kraig and Lisa
(Lisa and i at the show)
i had alot of fun but i missed christian so much its weird not having him with me i wasn't sure what to do with myself

(Carlos and i at PF CHANGS)
we went and ate at PF CHANGS i had never eatin there before and it was really good
(Kraig and Lisa at PF CHANGS)
we also saw and show called the V show (ultimate varity show) it was really good. the host was so funny.
(Carlos and i walking though Ceasers palace)
we also walked the strip and watched the water show. it was fun.

Easter at the Stubb's

right after the easter egg hunt papa troy got out the ponys carlos cousin was down with his kids so there where quite a few to ride the poor pony
christian didnt like it much he wined i guess hes not big enough to enjoy it but he sure looked cute.
Easter at the stubbs this was fun it was reynas first year with christian or any grandkids for that matter.
she hid eggs all over the place her yard is big so all the kids got to get alot. christian daddy knew where all the good ones where
he had alot of fun he got pretty good as you can see

Easter at the colton's

so every year we have an easter egg hunt at my parents house for easter this year was the first year my child was old enough to enjoy the activitys which i think was more fun for me then when i was young.

we did red root eggs and had our picnic. here are some pictures to enjoy

we love you